3 Likely Reasons Why Guys Don't Pick Up the Phone

Published: 27th July 2009
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Some of the most frustrating experiences we sometimes go through come about due to the failure of our boyfriends to answer their phones. When you call your guy repeatedly and he does not pick up the phone, you will start getting concerned about what could be happening. It is therefore helpful if you have some idea on how you can handle such a situation.

One of the first things you need to understand is the fact that men tend to picture and use the phone in a different way from us. You should therefore have some knowledge as to how the guys view the phone. Having a sound grasp of the issues mentioned in this article will help you to have a more stable relationship with your man.

He does not keep his promise to call

This situation is more common than you may imagine. Many women complain that they do not understand what came over their boyfriends all over a sudden. He used to be very much in love, and would call even several times in a day. At some point, he gave his word that he would call. You waited expectantly for him to call as usual. But he didn't call. In order to find out what happened, you called him instead. He didn't answer. You called again and again. What could be happening?

In such situations, we tend to worry ourselves stiff. The problem is that we are often quite impatient, and would like our boyfriends to call at the exact minutes they promised. However, things do not always work out that smoothly. Don't wear yourself out. There are very many genuine reasons that may have prevented your guy from calling. Here are just a few examples.

1. He may have gotten so busy that he hardly had enough time to make a call. Perhaps his busy schedule made him forget the call.

2. He may have had unexpected family commitments. For instance, may be some of his relatives came for an impromptu visit.

3. He may have gotten ill.

Basically, when your guy says that he will call, just wait for him to keep his promise. Don't start imagining things.

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