Boyfriend Does Not Call Back - Should You Call Him Instead?

Published: 09th February 2011
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One of the greatest things that puzzle many women is why their boyfriends do not seem to enjoy calling them. The best method that we tend to think can help us solve this mystery is to pick up our phones and call them back instead. Things get even worse when they do not answer our calls. Any calls will make us jump up, thinking they are calling back. Unfortunately, the long minutes gradually turn into hours and finally days without receiving any call.

If you find yourself in such a situation, what should you do? Shouldn't you call and ask why he has not called back? No! When you decide to call your boyfriend, you are likely to do more harm than good. Repeated calls will not encourage your boyfriend to chase after you, but will instead simply be turned off. There are a number of things that such an action will show, however innocent you really are.

Don't chase him around

First of all, men love pursuing but are sacred of being pursued. You will just drive your boyfriend away. Calling your boyfriend will also dent your character, as you will seem to be rather possessive or impatient.

Once you have called your boyfriend and left him a message to call you back, wait for him to do so. It is okay to call and leave him a voicemail - once.

So, what should you do when days painfully drag by without hearing from your boyfriend? While you will certainly feel a strong urge to pick up the phone and call him, you should refrain from doing this. The impression that may come across may be quite different from the way you actually feel.

Step back

You may be too close to the situation to see things clearly. Ask yourself, with all honesty, whether it is really worth pursuing such a relationship. Is the boyfriend really worth your time?

When your boyfriend does not call you back, you should in turn show that getting you is not all that easy. If he is truly interested in you, he won't risk letting you be won by another man, and he will call.

Are you wasting all your life on a guy who says he'd call you but never calls back? Also, learn how to make a guy like you and recognize if he is really interested in you or not. You can find the answers by visiting how to make a guy fall in love with you.

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