Dating Men - Important Rules for Not Calling Your Date

Published: 25th March 2009
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Have you ever heard men complaining that women are difficult to understand? Well, don't you find it difficult as well as a single lady in search of a good single man? We understand them even less either. Many of us will hardly start dating someone with whom we do not expect to develop a strong relationship. It is therefore very important for us to find out how the men really think about us. This is where the confusion begins.

Given the world of information technology that we live in, the phone is one of the things that create major misunderstandings. This is basically due to the reason that men tend to view phone calls in a rather different way from us.

Follow the rules

If you are a single lady who has started going out on a date with a man you are interested in, there are some measures that will help you to play it safe and win the man of your dreams.

One of the things that many of us take for granted in this world of gender equality is calling the men. We see nothing wrong with it. After all, we care about each other. While this may be true, you should not get used to calling the man you are dating.

This is a piece of advice that may appear quite out of place. However, you will be better off when you follow this unspoken rule. Men by nature love to chase after things with their inherent hunting instincts. The men enjoy pursuing the things they are interested in, including women.

Pique his interest with a bit of mystery

If you do not satisfy a man's thirst for chasing around by making yourself readily available, you just risk losing him instead. So if you go out on a date and you take each other's phone numbers, do not rush into calling him when a few days pass without receiving his phone call. Of course it will be very frustrating to just sit around waiting for his call. Remove the likelihood of frustration by just thinking about his call. Go on with your normal life and keep yourself busy.

Let him hunt

You may easily spoil a great relationship when you rush out and call the man. Since you will have taken the role of the hunter, he won't have any motivation in seeking you. Give him the challenge of looking for you by letting him do the hunting.

However ...

There are a few instances when things work out differently. If the man calls and does not get you, you should take the initiative to call him back. But don't take hours on the phone.

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