How to Cope with Emotional Imbalance after a Break Up

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Published: 26th November 2010
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Human relationships are always a mixture of pleasure and pain. When the relationship goes the way we expect then we call it great and when there are things which is against our expectation then we despise it. Whatever the condition, the results are generally an emotional imbalance. We are either over excited or feel very depressed and gloomy. The normal balanced emotional state is hard to strike and getting back this balance is very tough to achieve. Not all can strike a perfect emotional and mental balance as far as relationships are concerned.

What is the right attitude to take in life? How can we strike a balance in life after a breakup? Is there social organization to help someone come out of the pain and misery caused from a breakup? The attitude we take in life depends on what kind of situation we are in. whether it is a happy moment or frustrating time it is always good to stay cool and don't over react or indulge in too much pain or pleasure. It is not that you have to stay gloomy when there's something great happening. Just try not to take it too seriously, enjoy at the moment and be ready to move on after that. Don't get attached to any particular event, person, or circumstance. Now let us see how to deal with a breakup? A balance is hard to strike after a break up as most of the time it is a very intimate relationship.

The pain, frustration and depression are hard to cope and one finds it hard to forget the memories revolving around the relationship. So the best way to stay cool is to face the reality and see through the problem. Analyze the situation on what went wrong and where and see if there is any hope for reworking that relationship. Once you can identify the problem try to either find a solution to patch or if you think it cannot be redone again, then try to move on.

Find more interesting and occupying work and try to keep your mind off from the breakup. You should never allow your instincts to bog you down or loose your self esteem and self confidence. Always remember that your life is in your hands, and the choices you make will decide your life's cycle. Slowly but surely you will strike a balance in life after a break up.

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