How to Cope with Loneliness After a Break Up?

Published: 03rd February 2009
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Breaking up from a relationship is never easy if you're a man or woman. The immediate effect is emotional and mental stress. They feel depressed and frustrated and the feeling of being lonely as if nobody exists in the world except them. Suddenly a void is created and it's hard to find ways and means to fill up the space created by the break up. When your ex was around the whole world revolved around her and now that you broke up you don't know how to live without her. You had become so dependant on them that you feel at loss when they are not around.

So how can you cope with loneliness during a breakup? One thing that anyone who is suffering from a breakup should remember is that, the pain cause from the break up takes time to heal. You cannot escape the memories carried over from the relationship and you have to face this truth and accept it. Once you accept the reality then you can find ways to make yourself busy. Try to get occupied through various ways like community work, social work or try to join some new course and start upgrading your skills. Getting engaged in some form of activity will only make you more confident and allow you to forget about your ex for some time.

Other ways to cope with loneliness are traveling to exotic locations or an exciting night safari etc or if you're ready just go on a blind date. Who knows your new girl friend might be waiting at the street corner to sweep you off your feet. Don't take breakups so personal or seriously, no men or women can actually be satisfied or content with just one man or woman. It is a very rare phenomenon to get into such made for each other long term friendship. So take it easy, act cool and find ways to either get her back if you want her or him, or just move on and find some single friends to go out with. The world is filled up with more wonderful and interesting people and its time for you to experiment with new friends. That's the kind of attitude which will help you to carry you through a painful breakup. At the end of the day be assured that you will still feel lonely and it takes time to get into terms with this. So do all you can to cope with loneliness during a break up.

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