How to Handle Emotionally Unavailable Men

Published: 01st July 2010
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Dealing with emotionally unavailable men can be the most daunting task even for an experienced woman. Problems start arising in the dating phase because such men refuse to give in emotionally. Most women are mistaken into believing that they can transform the man into whatever they want. Sadly, this never happens.

Emotionally unavailable men make the task difficult for women because, even though they are available on the dating scene, their preferences aren't clear. They are present physically but their mental and emotional presence is much missed.

Emotionally unavailable men can be easily differentiated from others. They will mostly have had a number of relationships (they fall in love at the drop of a hat) and in fact may even have more than one or two casual relationships at the same time.

These men tend to be a confused lot, not knowing what they really want. Even when it comes to women, these men continue to be lost and don't take their partners seriously. If you are in love with such a man, it is a wise thing not to pursue a relationship with him. Such men tend to be highly unreliable and no matter what he says, there is a good chance that he'll get over you soon.

You may also be tempted to think that you have what is takes to change him. However, this happens to be a big mistake. You will try to pamper and spoil him to make him fall in line with you but this will only make him take you more for granted. His insensitivity and lack of compassion will make him believe that you are ready to put up with anything just for him.

You will gladly undergo this process for a while until you reach a breaking point. Unfortunately, by then, you will be too emotionally attached to him and may even think of putting yourself through the worst, just to be with him. However, even this won't last for long and ultimately, you will go through immense pain and disappointment.

With such men, the best way is to maintain a distance. Initially, it will be difficult but if you think of the long-term suffering associated with such a relationship, your mind will start accepting your decision more easily. Get yourself involved in other things and activities like sports, hobby classes, music and likewise. For all you know, this kind of behavior from you may actually make him long for you. If he comes looking for you, don't be too excited because it may not last too long.

Your best way of dealing with emotionally unavailable men is just to take yourself away. No matter what you do, there is little possibility that they will ever change. Even if the man changes for a while, don't take your hopes too high because sooner than you know, they will come crashing down when he gets back to his actual insensitive self.

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