How to Make Your Man Be Committed To a Lasting Relationship

Published: 18th May 2009
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Very few of us are interested in establishing a relationship with a guy just to pass some time. As women, we would like the guys to be committed to the relationships. Yet achieving this usually proves quite a difficult task for many of us.

It is usually frustrating but common for many guys who say they are in love to fail to commit to a marriage relationship. It is a strange fact that many of the guys do not seem to be even interested in establishing a steady date.

As women, is there anything we can do in order to enhance a relationship that seems to get rusty just at the dating stage? The enlightening news is that there are actually a number of things that you can do in order to encourage your guy to make a more lasting commitment. These simple steps will motivate the man to have a drive for pushing things further. Here are some of these effective steps.

What many of us do not realize is the fact that pursuing after a guy only tends to be counterproductive. In case you have been chasing after your man, you need to change tact. You should instead start to be non committal. You will most likely meet resistance if you try to push the man to make a commitment. On the other hand, you will arouse his curiosity if you appear to be non committal.

If you give the impression that you have no thought of taking things any further than they are at present, you will arouse the hunting interest that men have and he will come more strongly after you. There is need of caution; however, as you should not give the impression that you are so content with being single that you will entertain no disturbance of the status quo.

A number of simple things will help you to drive the message home subtly. For instance, make your own plans that do not include him in any way. You may be 'busy' in other places when you know that the guy will need your presence. Instead of being available to him, you may go out with your girlfriends.

In case you have been in the habit of calling the guy, you should stop it, effectively driving the message that you have other matters to take care of. When the guy realizes that you are not fully in his grasp, he will not take the relationship lightly any more.

You also need to watch the things that you say. Ask yourself whether you are giving him a good picture that would make him enjoy your presence in a lasting commitment. For instance, you should not make the guy dread your company by giving the indication that you will nag him.

Such simple measures will help you to encourage your guy to be interested in considering tying the knot with you. You do not have to spend your time in constant worry as to when, or even whether, he will finally decide to settle down with you. Help him to make the decision instead.

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