How to Use Reverse Psychology to Recover Your Broken Relationship

Published: 12th June 2009
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Whatever it is that made you break up with your ex, you will most likely feel an intense pain. You will keep recalling how you used to enjoy when you were together. You may be interested in recovering your broken relationship. What should you do, particularly when she has started going out with someone else?

It is actually possible to mend a broken relationship and win back your ex. There are a number of steps you can use to accomplish your objective. Use what is known as reverse psychology. Let us take a look at some helpful tips.

If your ex is already dating another person

In case your ex is going out with someone else, you will need to think carefully before uttering your words. Choose what you want to say with care. It is not just your words but also the way you pass them across that will help you to win back your ex. This is a very important step.

The things you say about the person your ex is going out with will have a lot of significance. If you say negative things, you will simply come out as burning up with jealousy. This will just put you in a more negative spot light, and you won't win the affection of your ex, but you will make it even more difficult to get in touch. Your maturity will show through when you act in a manner that does not throw spite on the new relationship. Wish them well instead and you will win more favor.

Depending on how your break-up was, your ex may still see you from time to time. At least you may get in touch with each other. This is another good opportunity. Make the most of your conversations, not by dominating but by being a good listener. This is more important than giving advice, although you may choose how to do this tactfully.

In this way, your company will be more comfortable to your ex. Of course, this will give your ex more time to think about you.

Another method of reverse psychology is not to be present when you are needed. This will make your ex miss you. Distance sometimes makes hearts grow fonder.

These are just a few examples of how you can use reverse psychology to win back the affection of your ex, and recover your broken relationship.

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