Important Rules For Women Calling Men

Published: 09th April 2009
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One of the things that concern many of us is whether we should call the guys or not. This is something that many women have struggled with. Perhaps you have gone out with a great guy, with whom you seemed to connect pretty well. Before you part during your date, he promises to give you a call. Unfortunately, the time you were waiting for with great expectation comes and goes without a word from him.

As the hours progressively add up to days without any contact from the man, what should you do? Many women get so impatient that they decide to call instead. Is this what you should do?

In general, you will be worse off when you decide to pick up the phone and call him. When the man promises to call you, don't call him back because the time he promised to call has passed. If the man is truly interested in you, be rest assured that he will call. He may wait for a number of days, even more than a week, but he will call.

There are a number of real reasons that may make your man not call as he promised, and you should not try to make excuses for him in order to call instead. One of the most common reasons why men do not call when they say they will is to test us. Your man may be interested in seeing how you will react to the situation. Calling him instead won't help you to pass the test.

This will simply show how you are already deeply attached to the relationship, or how desperate you are. In either case, you will just succeed in making the man call even less. If he realizes that you are already deeply involved with him, he won't be motivated to try hard to get you. Men love chasing things, and when you are already there, he won't have anything remaining to chase. In such a state, the man is bound to relax his efforts. When you do not call him, then he will be interested in coming after you and he will make that call.

On the other hand, you should understand that men like us to love them. However, when you give the impression that you are desperate, you will simply turn the man off. When you prove to be clingy, the man will find a way of escape.

The men use the phone in a different way from us, and you won't win his affection when you call him back.

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