Infidelity in Marriages: Forget Your Cheating Spouse

Published: 30th January 2009
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Infidelity is the worst phase that any relationship has to deal with. Breaking a relationship is already a very difficult thing to do and breaking it because your partner has cheated on you makes it more difficult. But it is better to be out of such a relationship than stay put in it expecting the situations to change and your partner coming right back into your arms. That's what we always want but come to think of it practically, once a partner cheats on you, the trust and security in a relationship is lost. It would be wise to brace yourself and work towards getting over the memories that you've shared with a cheating husband.

Marriage is Based on Trust

A marriage is based on trust and if you've found your husband cheating on you, the first instance can be forgotten but someone who has made it a habit of cheating you is better out of your life. You're surely worth more than that. So get yourself away from him and live your life your way.

Is He worth Being Remembered with Fondness?
There are many memories of the good times that will flood into your mind and make you ponder about him, but next time you have any such thoughts such think about how he cheated on you and you will get over the good memories of your cheating husband. It is easier said than done, but has to be dealt with very practically. It's no good thinking only about the good times and forgetting the bad ones. In this case, try to think of the bad times and see the good times too fizzle out of your head.

Spend Quality Time Your Kids

Once you've decided to go your separate ways try to find things that keep you happy other than him. If you have kids, spend more time with them and help your kids with their school work, read them their favorite story and tuck them into bed. The children too are missing their father, so you have to be sure to try your best to fill in that gap

Don't Demean Yourself

Don't blame yourself and start neglecting yourself. It is not your mistake that your husband cheated on you. Don't try to look back at fights or times when you have shouted at him or nagged him for being late from office as the reason for him cheating on you. Only he knows the reason why he did what he did, so it's no use trying to make an imaginary list and depress yourself.

Time is the Best Healer

Time is the best healer, as time passes by you will slowly learn to live with it and not think as much as you do today. But that does not mean that you let yourself go and wait for time to pass, you will also have to strive to forget him.

Talk to Someone

Talking to a counselor or a medical specialist or someone whom you trust will help in a big way. It will relieve you of all the questions and emotions that you're holding within you. The pain is enormous, but will not subside until you let it out and it will help you in getting over the memories of your cheating husband.

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