Is There A Spell That Can Make Him Call?

Published: 03rd September 2009
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In case you have a boyfriend who suddenly stops calling, you are likely to become very worried. You will ask yourself a series of questions. Why doesn't he call anymore? What did I do wrong? How long should I wait for him to call? Is there a spell I can cast on him so that he can call once more?

However, this is a real life situation and not some fairy tale where spells work. If you are hoping for a spell, then you are setting yourself up for disappointment.

Although there is nothing magical that you can do to make your boyfriend call, this does not mean that you have to lose hope. There are practical things you can do that will help to reverse the situation so that your boyfriend will think of calling once more. You should understand some of the possible reasons behind his failure of calling.

Fear of commitment

In spite of the fact that your boyfriend used to chase after you hotly, there are still some chances that he may not be prepared to make a commitment.

Do not think that since he used to call you every now and then, he can not possibly be afraid to commit. He may have been calling you every so often because he enjoyed dating you. Now that it seems there is need to do more, he may start to back off, and one of the first things that will go in the process is making calls.

What you need to do

The fact that your boyfriend may be afraid to commit does not mark the end of the road. You can actually influence him to get out of his phobia.

There are a number of psychological strategies that can help you to discreetly encourage your boyfriend to start calling you once again. In fact, he will not just call but will be prepared to commit.

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