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How to Get Even With Your Ex Wife - The Pros and Cons

09th December 2009
In spite of the duration you may have taken in your marriage, you are likely to be very disappointed when the relationship breaks up. As a result, you may decide to look for how to get even with your ex wife. People naturally get some feeling of revenge a... Read >

Four Things Real Men Want In a Relationship

09th December 2009
Most women find it easy to get the first few dates with any man. It is the next step that poses a more difficult task. This is the process of sitting and talking to them about a deeper relationship. The sad part is that most men think that they are in the... Read >

Is There A Spell That Can Make Him Call?

03rd September 2009
In case you have a boyfriend who suddenly stops calling, you are likely to become very worried. You will ask yourself a series of questions. Why doesn't he call anymore? What did I do wrong? How long should I wait for him to call? Is there a spell I can c... Read >

Why Doesn't My Boyfriend Call?

03rd September 2009
Although it is very frustrating, the truth is that many of us have had to deal with boyfriends who do not call us even when they promise to do it. If your boyfriend does not call, could that be his way of telling you to move off? You may be highly tempted... Read >

Should I Call Him If He Stops Calling?

03rd September 2009
It is a sad fact of life that some things turn out contrary to how we would like. Perhaps you met a great guy with whom things between you were in synch. In addition, he used to call frequently, while men are generally known to use the phone very sparingl... Read >

Advice on How to Handle an Impending Breakup

03rd September 2009
If you are dating a man, you may go through a period whereby you have not really broken up but you sense as if it is about to happen. You may realize that some gap is developing between you. Maybe you had an argument that left your relationship sour. Or p... Read >

When He Doesn't Call After Breaking Up

03rd September 2009
Many of us have had to deal with heartaches when our boyfriends decide to break up our relationships. While some breakups are fairly mild, others are quite tumultuous. Your boyfriend may want nothing to do with you. Your frustration may even worsen when y... Read >

What You Should Do If He Stops Calling

26th August 2009
There are many puzzling things in our relationships with the men, one of the most common ones being their failure to call. Your boyfriend may suddenly stop calling, leaving you wondering what happened and what you should do. You may spend a lot of time as... Read >

Why Doesn't Your Boyfriend Call?

26th August 2009
You can be greatly frustrated if you are deeply concerned about your boyfriend yet he does not seem to enjoy calling you. If your guy does not call, a lot of things will pass through your mind. However, before you drive yourself crazy about this issue, th... Read >

Why a Man Stops Calling?

24th August 2009
Women want to know why the man she met suddenly stops calling her. Getting into a relationship is the finest moment in a woman's life. She always longs for a prince charming to come and simply sweep her off her feet. But sadly enough cupids never strik... Read >

How to Understand the Mindset of Your Boyfriend?

24th August 2009
It is really tough to understand men's psychology and reason behind his behaviors at different times. He reacts indifferently at situations and many questions might arise in a women's mind which may remain unanswered. This article will substantiate the ps... Read >

How to Influence Your Boyfriend to Commit To You Only

09th August 2009
While many men seem to enjoy spending endless periods at the dating stage, this is a situation that causes a lot of frustration to us women. We would like things to move fast so that we can walk down the aisle with our partners. If you are not yet sure wh... Read >

When He Stops Calling – Is It The End?

27th July 2009
We sometimes have a difficult time trying to understand our guys. You may have been dating a very wonderful man with whom you shared a great relationship. You had very high hopes as far as the direction of your relationship was concerned. Then he seems to... Read >

3 Likely Reasons Why Guys Don't Pick Up the Phone

27th July 2009
Some of the most frustrating experiences we sometimes go through come about due to the failure of our boyfriends to answer their phones. When you call your guy repeatedly and he does not pick up the phone, you will start getting concerned about what could... Read >

Your Man - How Do You Get Him Start Calling You Again?

27th July 2009
The issue of men who stop calling is rather more common than we would like. You may have been dating a very wonderful man and you had great hopes for your relationship. Then he suddenly seems to vanish into thin air. He stops calling. What should you do? ... Read >
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