Rebound Relationship - Get Your Ex Back after the Rebound

Published: 24th August 2011
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Itís hard to imagine yourself on the arm of any other man rather than your current ex but what if you saw him on a date with another girl? Would that make you wonder if perhaps you should try dating someone else for a time? Does that idea make you feel heís being unfaithful and youíre wondering why you still feel that way when you are obviously no longer a couple? Whatever your questions are there are answers that will help you understand the rebound relationship.

If you find your ex with someone else heís not being unfaithful. You have to remember that you are no longer a couple. However, just because heís on a date with someone else doesnít mean that he no longer has feelings for you. There are a few reasons why he might be out with someone else. First, heís trying to rearrange his feelings to put them in perspective of how he feels about you. Second, heís trying to get over the remaining feelings he has for you. Third, heís trying to build up his own self-confidence again. Just because heís seeing someone else doesnít mean your chances of getting back together are over.

The glory of rebound relationships is that they are generally short and can be what turns the tide for a relationship. Rarely is a rebound relationship something to worry about. The rebound will help you feel better about yourself. Part of human nature is to have a companion and after any sort of breakup finding a rebound is likely going to happen.

If youíre contemplating trying the dating scene againÖ go for it. Youíre not cheating if you go on a few dates (or even if you find yourself dating the same person for a few weeks in a row). Youíre just finding perspective and making yourself feel better.

Rebound relationships are good for more than just making your ex realize he wants you back but could also be a source for you realizing you donít need him back. A rebound relationship could work for you, too, in making you realize that you are worth dating and will help build up your confidence in working to get your ex back.

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