Secrets on How to Make Yourself Irresistible To Men

Published: 29th May 2009
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If you would like to make yourself irresistible to men, you have to know how to dazzle them. This has nothing to do with being like a model. There are some things that will help you to achieve this when you put them into practice. Some of these things are what we normally do even without being aware of it.

For instance, we tend to naturally straighten our clothes and hair, check the make-up we have put on, and generally groom ourselves when we are in the company of the men we are attracted to. You just need to put more conscious effort. You can turn your neck and make your hair toss.

Remember to put on a flashing smile. A smile is one of the most powerful tools at your disposal. Look into his eyes and give him a warm smile and you will be on your way to opening the door to his heart.

Maintain a steady gaze at him for about five seconds as you smile before turning your eyes elsewhere. Remember that you are not in a staring competition. It is universally accepted that eye contact is an indication of being open. Do this within an interval of about a quarter of an hour or so.

We have briefly touched on turning your neck. When you expose your neck, it sends a strong signal of interest and it will help you to achieve a number of things. For one, turning your neck will enable you to lock your eyes as we have just stated. This will make the man note that he has some worth that deserves more than a single look. It will also help you to toss your hair, which will hardly go without notice.

Let your lips be moist and shiny, which is quite inviting. You can lick them discretely to keep them moist and welcoming.

You will cut a more seductive look when you cross your legs and un-cross them. A man will be attracted to see more of your legs, and you will spark his interest. This will help to enhance your curves, something that is bound to make a man's heart beat a little faster.

When you are finally closer together, give him your full attention, and he will appreciate your company. Don't just stare at him. Give signs that show that you are actually listening. For example, give a nod, and smile where appropriate. When you are close enough, you can brush against him delicately.

Reflect his body language and he will take note. This will give him the indication that you share something in common. Just don't make it obvious that you are copying him.

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