Warning Signs of Your Relationship Going South

Published: 21st December 2011
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Everyone agrees that breaking up is an awful experience. However your partner gives out hints or small warning signs that can tell you he is considering breaking up with you. What you have to do is keep alert for these signs that tell you that your relationship is heading towards a rocky end. Understanding these signs can ache in places inside you, you didnít even know existed, but itís important to know the direction your relationship and your life are taking.

If your partner seems very eager to get off the phone when he is talking to you and sounds disinterested in what you are telling him, you should open your eyes and start thinking, because this is a warning. Ending a conversation abruptly means that there is something else on your partnerís mind. Now donít panic! This is not a sure sign that your other half is getting ready to pack his bags and go, but just be fully aware of what is going on around you.

The second thing to look out for is if he wonít talk about the future. If your partner avoids at all times talking about future plans, it might mean that he is not planning on sharing it with you. It could be that he doesnít want even to think about plans for the next week. This is definitely not a good sign, so be aware.

Your partner is constantly picking fights with you on silly things like taking out the trash or not being organized and so on? Deep down he might want to break up, however is afraid to make the first step himself. By picking up stupid fights with you he hopes to get on your nerves so you tell him itís over and you save him the worry of how heís going to tell you. This plan often gets the job done and the person gets what he wants without having to look like the bad guy who broke your heart.

Lack of sexual appetite on the other hand means that heís not so romantically interested in you anymore and heís not seeing you attractive. Your partner might withhold from having sex since heís not feeling comfortable with you mentally. This is a sign you definitely canít miss and unfortunately it means that the future of your relationship does not look so bright.

The last of the signs you should look out for, is if your partner asks you for ďsome spaceĒ or ďsee other peopleĒ. What he really means is ďI donít want to be committed to you any moreĒ. Your partner wants in reality to wriggle out of the relationship and he does not want to make a big deal out of it. Chances are, if you give him the space he needs, you wonít see any of him ever again!

All the points that we discussed above, donít give certainty that something is wrong; they however donít augur well for the future of a love relationship. Donít become obsessive but always be alert and donít take occurrences in your relationship for granted. The best thing you can do is keep an open and clear line of communication with your partner. Closing one eye and thinking Ďweíll see what happensí wonít make the pain any less when the inevitable happens. So if you do see these warning signs, sit your partner down and talk about whatís wrong and whether it can be fixed.

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