What Made Him Stop Calling?

Published: 11th July 2009
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One of the major things we usually grapple with as women in dating relationships is why the men stop calling. You may have been dating for some time and your boyfriend used to call. Then without any warning, he stopped calling. What could have happened? You may wonder. You may go through a lot of frustration as you try to find where things may have gone wrong. You certainly didn't have any argument. In fact, you were eagerly expecting his call.

The issue of men who suddenly stop calling is discouragingly common. This is something that puts us in very difficult situations since we often don't know what to do because we don't know what happened in the first place.

Take heart, there is an answer

As disheartening as the situation may be, you should not lose hope. You should know that there is always an answer. Yours is to determine what that answer is.

Learn his psychological makeup

In many cases, the confusion results from the differences between the men and us. Men have a different psychological makeup, and it is important to understand this as you figure out what made him stop calling.

Every person has strengths and weaknesses. Learn your guy's weaknesses and use them to your advantage. In this way, you will turn the weaknesses to strengths that will enhance your relationship.

Make use of powerful strategies

If you are wondering what made him stop calling, you should discover some important strategies that will help you to make him call you once more. When you understand his psychological makeup, you will know the appropriate buttons to push in order to make him pick up the phone.

There are many reasons that may make your guy stop calling. Whatever the reasons may be, however, his psychological makeup will play a significant part.

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