What to Do When Your Guy Does Not Call Anymore

Published: 25th March 2009
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Although it is something that infuriates us, it is fairly common for many men to seem to forget the promises they make to call. This is something that makes many ladies undergo a lot of stress. Why is it that your boyfriend does not keep his promise to call you?

There are necessary measures that you need to take in such a situation. How you handle the matter may either make or break the relationship. You may end up making the man forget about making any calls for good. The tips mentioned here will help you to encourage your boyfriend to call once again.

Stop calling

Although many women do not realize it, they are actually the ones making their boyfriends stop calling in the first place. For example, in case you are in the habit of calling him every now and then, he will not really see any reason in calling you. Human beings and men in particular, are creatures of habit. Your boyfriend can easily get used to your calling, and will wait for it.

While many of us do not see anything wrong with making a number of calls within just one day, you should avoid calling him. At best, your boyfriend will become accustomed to this trend and won't have any motivation of calling instead. Worse is the fact that you may just push him further away by such frequent calls. You should therefore change your pattern and stop calling. When he does not get the calls he is used to, he will wonder what could be happening - and he will call.

Create an appealing effect

The truth is that both parties in a growing relationship will tend to take some actions that are meant to test their mates. This is another reason that may make your guy to stop calling. May be he is trying to gauge your reaction. This is a method that many men tend to use in order to determine how strongly we have gotten into our relationships with them.

When your boyfriend used to call you up and there seems to be a change of heart, you should take things easy. While you are likely to have a very strong urge to call him and ask what could be the matter, you should resist this temptation. When he finally calls, you should as well resist the temptation to fly off the handle. Interestingly, your boyfriend is likely to be more attracted in case you do not make anything major out of the issue. When the guy sees that you are not entirely in his grasp, he won't relax in his efforts to get you.

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