Why Being Heart Broken Can Kill You and Why You Need to Fix It Fast

Published: 17th April 2009
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When you are suffering from heartbreak or a broken heart you feel both emotionally and physically tired. When it happens to others, we advice them to get over it as soon as possible to gain back a peaceful life. It is easy to give advice and ask others to stop thinking about their ex and forget all the old memories. We tend to forget the real pain that we have to go through when the same thing happens to us. Rather it is good also that we do not try remember those times of broken heart as there are chances that you will start feeling the same emotional torture again.

But do we remember that what we did in those situations? You can at least remember that the cure was not easy.

This is really important to understand that what exactly happens when your heart is broken. In this article we would be talking about the same.

Nobody else can understand the pain of your broken heart; I think you can easily understand that. People can suggest so many remedies but the real pain nobody can even imagine. In these situations having a negative thinking is of no use. You should not blame yourself for whatever happened. People may say that the wound would heal with time. But how long this would take you can never know. Thus you should take at least some actions from your side as well to fasten up the healing process. You should think that whatever happened it happened for good. Your life would be same again after some time. In these times a careful and positive approach to life is necessary otherwise you will end up screwing up other things as well.

You may undergo many physical disorders also in the times of depression due to broken heart. These disorders include high blood pressure and high heart beats. These disorders can become chronicle in nature with time.

Some researchers have proven that people going through depression have high probability of experiencing an increase in epinephrine levels. This increases the risk of mortality because of heart failure by two folds.

So you are at a high risk to die early of a heart failure if you are in a deep depression. And this does not stop here. Acute depression also increases the cortical and epinephrine in the morning. This is because in the morning you may not feel like getting up and giving your day a good start because of depression.

All these symptoms need immediate medication. You should not take any chance with life. You should go and see your doctor or physician immediately to avoid any further bad effects of broken heart.

There are various things that you can try out to come out of depression. For example, daily exercising, meditation, cognitive works etc. Ocean treatments have known to help out in these times. Seeing the big ocean and wheeling the vastness of life through this, you can build a positive approach to your life again.

To have proper medication you need to consult your family doctor who can give you professional advice. In the times you need to have a proper balance between your mind and body. You need to do something forcefully also to come out of this trauma.

Usually it is seen that man are more prone to heart diseases, thus they should take extra determination to come of the trauma of a broken heart.

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