Why Does He Suddenly Stop Calling?

Published: 25th March 2009
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While men tend to think of women as mysterious creatures, women too find it perplexing to understand their male counterparts. We usually find it quite difficult to determine what men are really thinking in spite of the fact that we are dating. This is due to some of the things that our dates do, which are at times rather irritating.

Many of us turn our minds upside down as we try to make sense of what our men are really up to, and why they react the way they do. One of the common things that puzzle many of us is why the men suddenly stop calling while we have been on an apparently great date. Well, the good news is that the real reasons are not quite that complicated.

Nothing to chase around

One of the inherent natures of men is their love to pursue what they are interested in. Right from childhood, you will notice that the male kids tend to chase one another relatively more than the girls. As they mature in age, their attraction shifts from their fellow boys to girls, who they will still chase around. The chasing progresses even into adulthood, except that they then usually go after women.

Men by nature love to lay their strategies such that they lure us into their nets. When they are still involved in this effort, they will go out of their way to call as frequently as deems reasonable. They don't need any major reason to call. For instance, your man may call just to tell you hi, or to let you know that he misses you.

So far, I guess you understand why your man will therefore stop calling you. Once he is assured that you have completely 'fallen' for him, he won't have much motivation to call any more. That is the time when he will start forgetting some of the things that were always at the top of his mind. As these little shows of tenderness subside, so will his calling. Many men do not see why they should keep on showering you with such attention.

So, while many of us are so worried when the men we are dating stop calling, thinking that they have probably lost interest, the opposite may be the case. When your man stops calling, chances are that he is assured of the stable relationship both of you have.

When your man stops calling, do not rush into calling him instead. Let him miss you and he will start pursuing you once more.

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